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Growing together…

mayo 4, 2013

A few days ago, when I heard this question, I kept on thinking of all the possible responses there are for it. From a physic point of view, it is very easy to measure growth in numbers or quantities; however, in order to measure personal growth, it seems to me the answer cannot be as mathematical.

If a person is measured by their physical aspect, the answer is easy, by making a few calculations we shall obtain a quick response: weight, height, and similar measurements that are just a parameter to compare, and in the end, the result shall be numeric and for some people, this figures might show their growth.

Another measurable aspect could be academic grades, or study degrees, or professional preparation, as well as results of sports trials, all of the above, likewise, can be measured with numbers and referenced values, but in the end, they shall probably show a numeric figure that turns out to be very weak or not reliable regarding true personal growth.

How can we possibly measure personal growth, then? Is there a reference value to measure personal growth without calculations or numeric figures?

I like to think so; let me share this with you, and in order to keep numbers around, from my personal point of view, there are five words or concepts that encourage real personal growth.

  1. Say you are sorry.- Nothing turns more vulnerable a human being than acknowledging their mistakes, and being capable of apologizing… these words help us to take a huge step to encourage personal growth, they help up reconstruct broken bridges, and break bitter and painful chains. The words “I´m sorry” will bring a smile to your heart.
  2. Say please.- Respect shall always be our ally to encourage personal growth; it is much more valuable to say this phrase than saying a lot of the words that form part of our vocabulary. The secret of respect is that it shows what is inside you.
  3. Say thanks.- Being generous allows you to smile and enjoy the most wonderful things around you, rumor has it, when you can smile it is because your heart has learnt to give love to others and you become a thankful person.
  4. Say I do not know, but I would like to learn.- Only extraordinary people can pronounce this phrase, and they are great and extraordinary because they are humble enough to accept their weakness, and enthusiastic enough to always want to learn new things.
  5. It is not mine, I can share it.- Sometimes human beings forget to share, we assume success, love, good fortune, joy, care and many other good things are meant to enjoy them personally o exclusively, let’s not fall for it, sharing allows us to grow, but to grow in a way that we can become so much more by becoming the strength to help other people to grow as well.

I have made a commitment to swim at sports events that have given me a great deal of growth as a sportswoman and as an open water swimmer, however, today I reaffirm my commitment to grow by being more humble, more respectful, more generous, by sharing more, and by apologizing, and this way I shall keep on accumulating kilometers in water but also I shall keep on constructing my personal growth which is what allows me to smile every day.

Would you try it too? This way, we will be growing together!



Opening paths…

mayo 3, 2013

“Someone who opens a path, does not open it for himself,… paths and roads are opened, so that others can walk through it…”

I was granted an award from Mont Blanc Mexico, the Mont Blanc Trophy to the Woman Who Opens Paths. This award is so important for me, though I have been thinking there are many Mexican women that I know who deserved this and many more awards, that I find it hard to believe that this trophy is in my house, however, when I see it, I smile and my heart turns over with excitement.

The women nominated in my category have all my respect and admiration and I am sure, that they, dream with their eyes open, as I do, defeating and defying obstacles everyday to make their dreams come true and this is how they have reached the top of their carriers, to them, Elisa Carrillo, Carmen Boullosa and Dayana Pimentel, all of my admiration.

I shall keep on opening paths… I wish those paths may inspire people to accomplish their dreams.

Thank you to Mont Blanc México for this motivation to continue working and for inspiring my stokes in the water to achieve more smiles through the project Quiero Sonreír.


So, what happens when you start to exercise continuously?

abril 25, 2013

So, what happens when you start to exercise and/or work out continuously?

It changes your life, just like it, it changes your life!

The scientific answer to this question is in thousands of books and essays about the health benefits of working out, but beyond such scientific response, I can assure you, you shall gain a very positive change in your life when you incorporate exercise to your daily routine.

What happens?

Something very real, every day you exercise you become more excited to work out next day, you look forward to working out and this way you start building a chain, a strong chain you do not want to break. By exercising today you gain health for tomorrow.

It becomes exciting to know that next day you shall have the opportunity again to prove yourself you can do it. Even when it sounds like a publicity add, it is true, on one hand exercise engages you and on the other, it dares you to prove yourself you can do it.

Watch out for the trick… ready? Working out constantly does not imply we shall be faster or stronger, nor that each day we shall train better; not at all, that comes with time, but today is the best day to start, and above all, to continue… so that little by little you can achieve certain goals. Letting your workout routine become a part of your life, turns you into a disciplined person, but remember, discipline without creativity bores quickly, this is why I insist on being creative while training, and when you finish your routine, after overcoming boredom and/or fatigue, surely you won’t be faster or stronger than the day before, but you have become mentally stronger and therefore, you have succeeded!

In my case, every month I do a swimming training  that consists on a continuous one hour swimming at an Olympic size pool (50 meters). The whole idea of this training is to swim more meters every month, however, the first few months I did this training, sometimes I even swam less meters than the previous month. In these occasions I was very disappointed; however I realized that just by accomplishing this training I was defeating myself.

Overcoming adversity that might appear along the way and going forward, changes our lives. We shall become better persons, with that special strength that comes from the depths within each one of us, and with that passion that helps us take the next step, the next stroke, we train every day; and this helps us accomplish our goals.

How does it feel to achieve a goal? I am sure you know it, and if you are not there yet, when you reach it, you shall be very lucky and much more than a winner!



An Important Secret…learn to follow instructions
abril 21, 2013 de Mariel Hawley
A few days ago, while waiting for a friend to visit a museum along with her, I was watching the museum staff giving out instructions to the guests so that their visit began at a certain room and they were able to follow a route that finished on the proper hall. I was surprised to see very few people followed the museum guide they were handed at the entrance; instead they did what seemed adequate or convenient.

Probably, a visit to the museum did not require the formality of following instructions but I kept thinking about this matter, and started to recall several situations such as buying an electronic devise, in which is very common for us not to read the instructions guide, we start using it and learn along the way…; which leads us to several mistakes that we might think are not important, but could have been spared if we had read the instructions guide previously.

All of a sudden, I received an e-mail on my phone, it was from my swimming coach, it contained my training schedule for the starting week, and it was then I realized how important it had been for my open water swimming career to receive instructions from people that know, and have the experience and authority to guide my projects.

The process of following instructions is sometimes difficult, but in my point of view, it is the easiest way to get to a goal, it helps you plan your work, prevents injuries you might suffer by overtraining or by performing an inappropriate exercise for your discipline, but above all, it guides you all the way.

In my case, part of the process of following instructions included the millage I was supposed to swim each week, the amount of time I should swim in cold water, and even the amount of weight I had to gain; and in order to avoid mistakes and, unnecessary risks, I followed instructions literally. I even remember Mike Oram instructing me:….PUT THE GOGGLES ON AND KEEP ON SWIMMING…Today I thank him for this almost military order he gave me!:)

It is not always easy, but following instructions is a part of a learning process that guides you to be a better person, it makes you strong, more confident, helps you discipline yourself, and above all, it allows you to work as a part of a team to achieve huge challenges.

Keep in mind these recommendations:

Approach someone that has the knowledge, experience and preparation to guide your project towards your goals.

Trust your coach and what he is teaching you… sometimes we think these are insignificant aspects, but when what matters is to achieve your goal, there are not insignificant aspects, everything is important.

Acknowledge the authority of the person guiding you and the team work shall be easier and faster, you shall begin to enjoy the process, remember the path is a very important part of the challenge to get to your goal.

Today I turn back and acknowledge a large path of instructions I had to follow to finally achieve my huge goal, to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming: The English Channel, The Catalina Channel and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

Enjoy the process and always keep in mind that huge sports achievements are always accomplished by a team. As soon as possible, look for a guide or coach to work with as a team  and, that can guide and help you on the way to complete your challenge and everything else shall be easy, just follow their instructions!

I wish you every success,



Training to swim in cold water…
abril 18, 2013 de Mariel Hawley
A few months ago, Tania Rincon and Cristian Nigel, hosts of the show, “Lo Mejor de FoxSports (The Best of Fox Sports)”, asked me: How does anyone or how do you train to swim in cold water? My response during the show, was quick: cold showers every day and a one hour bath in cold water and ice once a week! However, as I think and reconsider my answer,  I realize that the training is much more complex than my response; sometimes it can even be painful.

My fist encounter with 13 degrees Celsius water was one November morning, in which, to celebrate my birthday; a friend of mine invited me to swim at a lake close to her neighborhood in Toluca. “To start your cold water training come swim at the lake near my house, it is always cold, only the bravest dogs dare to take a dive…” she said. And so, I did, thinking it would be easy, one morning I decided that I was going to do my first cold water training, and celebrate my birthday at the same time. And just as the bravest dogs did, I took a dive and… A horrible pain paralyzed me!!! At that very moment I thought I had beaten my head with a stone, I started feeling dizzy, everything around me seemed to be spinning, I could not breath, and I could not move my arms. I freaked out!! From the shore my companions asked if I was all right but I could not answer, I could not talk and all of my body started cramping and hurting. I had not given a single stroke yet, I was just there trying to stay afloat and breathe so that air could get into my lungs. I did not understand what was going on… I felt so bad!! I still felt dizzy, but I tried to take a deep breath, and started taking strokes to thwart the pain the cold water was inflicting. I was not even cold, I was in pain!! I took the first strokes with my head out of the water to see where I was heading… When I submerged my face, I felt thousands of stings in my face, because of the cold water. Staying calm, even when I felt someone had putted me in a fridge, I kept on swimming. Little by little the pain reduced and I was able to keep my head underwater. My hands and feet went numb, and turned purple, I had turned purple completely! When I reached the other side of the lake, I saw a gardener working on the shore, he had not seen me; I tried to talk to him, and just said… “Good morning”, he had never been more scared in his life, as he realized the voice came from someone inside the water, he never expected it! I went back to the other side and with the help of Julie and Juan Pablo I came out of the water. I had lost sensitivity at the moment, started shaking uncontrollably, they helped me get dry, to put on some warm clothes, and to hold a thermal bottle with hot tea, until, little by little the shakes gave in and I was able to warm myself with the Van’s heating system.

That day, I was very disappointed thinking how could I plan to swim a cold water long distance event, if I had not been able to hold in the water even for one hour? The disappointment and the deceit forced me to investigate and study this topic, this is how the long journey of cold water swimming training started in order to achieve, many years later, the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

I was very disappointed by my first encounter with 13 degrees water, but at the same time it helped me to dedicate myself to this matter. I started to take cold showers, in the begging with warm water and little by little turning the water colder until one day I just opened the cold water without touching the hot water handle. My body started to get used to the cold sensation. As a reward, I used to grant myself the chance to take a hot shower once a week… It ended up being a warm shower since the hot one had a burning effect and made me sleepy afterwards. I did not go back to the brave dogs’ lake until March, because on December, January and February my friend told me the water was below 10 degrees Celsius. Way too cold!

In the middle of March I went back to the lake and without that much pain and with much more confidence I was able to swim for an hour! A great step ahead!

In April, my coach, Rodolfo Aznar, who helped me train during that time, suggested to go to the Volcano Nevado de Toluca… At first I did not understand what for… then he explained there were two lagoons, in what had been a crater, I was so scared I turned green!! To swim in one of the lagoons at Nevado de Toluca at 4,000 meters high and with water below 10 degrees Celsius seemed crazy!

It was obvious; I had to go ahead with this madness! The whole idea was to experience a cold water shock. I mean that my body felt what cold really is so that it could stop complaining for being under water between 15 and 18 degrees. Understanding the theory was very easy… the practical exercise was not that simple! In the middle of April, on spring, the day we chose to go up to the Nevado de Toluca Volcano, turned out to be cloudy and as we went up the road it started raining sleet… I thought the swim would be canceled but I was wrong!

I remember standing at the lagoon’s shore wearing a bathing suit and my red sandals, there were some people at the place asking me to smile to get a picture… Obviously they could not believe I was getting in the water!! I smiled for the picture and nearly froze me, started walking to get in the water … uff it certainly was a cold shock!! The water was 7 degrees Celsius! All of my body ached and after two or three minutes I stopped feeling it. As if I was sedated, I started swimming but did not submerged my head into the water, it was too cold, after a while I encouraged myself to submerge my head into the water and took it out quickly, even my teeth hurt! My coach asked if I was alright but I could not talk… but managed to smile.

The idea of this training was to avoid risks, but we wanted to experiment the cold shock, and this is the way it was for me. Fifteen minutes later I went out of the water, and with some help I got dry and wore warm clothes. This time, the shakes lasted almost an hour, but after a little while I recovered the heat. It was even better when on our way back, we stopped at a “quesadilla” stand and I ate some, which were delicious!! I did this training with my Sport City Mexico swimming relay team, training to prepare ourselves for a four way crossing to the English Channel; which we accomplished in August 2007.  I think everyone remembers the cold water shock but mostly the “quesadillas”!



Have you set yourself a goal or challenge yet?

If you already have a sports goal you already have a clear picture of where you are heading, surely you’ve got an action plan to achieve your challenge.

If you do not have a goal yet, let me tell you something…, if you do not have a challenge that guides your workout and your effort to a specific purpose or target, it becomes very difficult to stay motivated and keep up training or working out or practicing a sport.

Have courage, and with enthusiasm, establish yourself a goal and work to achieve it!

I am giving you a formula that contains the most important ingredients to establish a goal, and to achieve it successfully… ready?

Make your goal a BIG one; I mean a goal that may appear to be unreachable, extraordinary, and uncommon, that you see it far away. This means a very big and important challenge for you.

This is a basic ingredient to keep moving your motivation towards your goal. If your target is small and easy to achieve or reach, it will turn into something that will make you easily loose motivation, since with a little effort you will reach your challenge; otherwise, if you have a great challenge, this will trigger your creativity and motivation in order to keep focused on working very hard day by day, in order to achieve the goal.

The other ingredient, which is as important as to set a BIG goal, is that you become aware of the amount of effort you will need to achieve your great challenge. The effort and work you will need to achieve your goal will be proportional to the importance of your goal or challenge. Therefore, keep in mind that for a GREAT goal or challenge you will need EXTRAORDINARY effort and work.

Remember, your effort and hard work will lead you to your goal. There are some people who think that achieving a goal requires a mid size effort, a little workout every now and then and some dedication, I can tell you, it requires a huge extra dosage of hard work and dedication on an every day basis.

However, I can also tell you that your everyday maximum effort, will one day lead you to achieve your goal, and to achieve it with a very big smile.

My wish for you is that you dream big and you do it with your eyes wide open, the way I dream, with my eyes open in order to overcome and defeat every day’s obstacles, working-out and training very hard, to make my dreams come true.

Best wishes,




For those who want to start…

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. When we do not know how to do something we think to start or to learn might be complicated, and at times there are people who would rather not give it a try, as they say…  “It’s not worth the shot!”

However, taking that first step, even with some fear, doubt or worry, encourages and fills us with confidence on taking the second and third steps and to continue on taking many more. This is what happens when we encourage ourselves to take the first step on doing exercise or workout after a life, or a long time of being sedentary… I remember almost 13 years ago, when I returned to swimming, after leaving it for a while, convincing myself on taking the first stoke took a lot of effort, and today, that first stoke, becomes the most important one of my swimming career.

Here are some tips for those who are encouraging themselves to start:

1.- Don’t hesitate, doubt harms too much, encourage yourself to take a walk or a run for a few minutes, then take a walk for a few more, and alternate, starting bit by bit and smooth, enjoying every step you take.

2. – If you have already taken the first step, take the second one!

3. – If during the same week you can accomplish three days of workout, even if it is walking, running, going up and down the stairs, jumping a rope for a while or anything like it, you have given a great first step, if you keep it up for a month it will become a part of your daily routine, and you’ll see how every day you’ll feel better and willing to continue and follow that path.

I started one day, at a small pool, and by the third day, felt like a seal circling in a pond, but happy to have started… My stokes in the water have become strokes of strength, commitment and success; this is what I wish for your steps, to become a part of a large path of success!

Courage for your first step, take it and enjoy what will come…

Best wishes,




Sunny Days

A week of vacations, sunny days, water days and lots of activity. Laughing moments with friends and family that make everyone happy and ready for things to come. Every training day that goes by gets harder and finding time to train gets complicated. Days start very early in the morning, with my kids and I enjoying hours full of activities such as water skiing, swimming, and hours and hours on the beach, jogging and surfing hundreds of waves. Night hours get long too, there is a difference between now and when they were small, because then,  after 9pm there was no way they would be awake but now, nine comes and then ten and eleven o clock comes and they are still enjoying their vacations and I enjoy watching them happy but also I´m counting the hours that I will sleep before my alarm rings, telling me it is time to train… When I hear the alarm at 6am my body doesn’t react, I am so tired that it takes me a lot of time to wake up and get ready to go and swim. I have done this every day and when I finally dive into the water and start swimming, even though my shoulders are heavy and I still feel a bit soar from all the activity I have had in the week, stroke by stroke I feel better and I smile, a big smile that shows that I am proud of myself for being in the water swimming even though it is vacation time. I have said it before and I have thought about it these days: training doesn’t know the word “vacation”.

Very soon, August 18th,  will come and I will be ready for Ederle Swim, 18 miles from Battery Park, Manhattan to Sandy Hook, New Jersey and I will surely think of the training days during vacations and I am sure that I will smile full of confidence and strength. I hope it will be like that! Imagen


Waiting days in Dover..   My English Channel swim!

Time and life are measured differently for all swimmers that are attempting to swim across the English Channel. The waiting days in Dover acquire another rhythm and a quite peculiar routine. Succeeding in the attempt has nothing to do with what happens in this city during the days prior to the swim. What swimmers experience, listen, think, talk, absolutely everything is connected to the strip of sea I contemplated from the airplane window and that shines as a mirror under the dawn light.

There is no time passing in such a distressing manner as it does in this place. I could dare to compare this expectation with the stage prior to a baby’s birth. On one hand, it is one of the most desired moments for a mother but on the other, it also brings an uncertain and anxiety feeling. The days prior to the swim you experience this same, but deeper feeling. Routine changes and transforms depending on the weather conditions and the weather forecast for the next hours. Every day you must train at least ninety minutes inside the Harbor of Dover. That is necessary to start feeling the temperature and saltiness of the water and start getting a sense of the ocean, in summary, start feeling the Channel. Days go by and during training the swimmer feels closer to his/her attempt, but at the same time, the swimmer also feels farther. Restlessness and uncertainty increase by the minute…Imagen


The English Channel from above

I perfectly saw the English coast in front of the French portion of land known as Cap Gris Nez and in the middle a strip of water shining as a mirror under the morning sunrise. I could not stop staring; I was absorbed, captivated, almost hypnotized. The stewardess approached me offering a cup coffee. When she noticed that I did not answer, she touched my shoulder and asked: “Are you feeling all right?” Did I feel all right? Can someone who has been dreaming about something for the last year feel all right? Considering that such dream suddenly appears before you eyes, so tangible, so real, almost like magic. Of course not! I did not feel all right; I felt outside myself, there were a lot of expectations towards that strip of water. For the last 10 months I thought of the English Channel on a daily basis, and, in that moment, I had it before my eyes.

For a moment, the English Channel “intentionally” posed for me, I was able to contemplate it, analyze it, examine it. It introduced itself with its best face, full of sunrays reflecting on the water. Seemed like it did not want to hide anything; it was simply there, posing for me, letting me appreciate it as a whole from up above.

With this image imprinted in my mind, I got off the airplane.


My English Channel Solo Swim


I´m working on the translation of my book Días Azules…Imagen

I have been swimming for more than nine hours and I am cold. My shoulders are so heavy. For more than three hours I have been swallowing water each time I turn my head around to breathe. My throat hurts. My tongue is swollen because of the salt. My eyes are burning because of the sea water filtering through the goggles. In two more minutes I will stop to take the every half-an-hour hydration that will give me energy to keep on swimming.

I am trying to keep my mind in peace. I think of the phrase that I have repeated to myself throughout the swimming: “I inhale, I have faith; I exhale, I am in peace”. I am doing my best to stroke efficiently, producing heat in order not to fall into hypothermia. I do not know if I will be able to continue, I am at my limit.

The English Channel separates France and Belgium from England. The narrowest portion between these two points has 33 kilometers in straight line. Crossing this strait has been meaningful for navigation, commerce, politics and sport. It is considered the “Everest” for open water swimmers. In 1886 Captain Mathew Webb swam across the English Channel for the first time and, since then, countless swimmers have tried to cross it. Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across in 1936. Less than thirty Mexicans have crossed it swimming as a solo swim. Out of this number, less than 50 percent are women. Very few of them do it to help others. I am one of these women, and being at my limit, I decided to swim another half an hour.

This is my story.


Im ready to… Swim for your Heart!
This event is organized in Mexico as part of the Swim for your Heart, Valentine´s Day, campaign in order to bring awareness of heart disease. To take care of the most important vital organ that we have: our heart. Sometimes we think that because we exercise, we have a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits we will not be at risk to have some heart problem but we forget that we should get our blood pressure checked at least twice every year.

Swim for your Heart is a campaign in order to bring awareness of heart disease; many swimmers around the world will join this campaign and will swim on February 14 in order to share the awareness of taking care of our heart. This year, as the two previous, Sport City Fitness Club swimmers will join Swim for your Heart and we will try to have at least 2013 swimmers joining this very special Swim for your Heart campaign. Also, Sport City Fitness Club will donate an economic contribution in favor of the Mexican Heart Foundation.

If you want to join Swim for your Heart, next February 14, swim at least one kilometer and share the awareness of heart disease with those around you. You can share with them that the most important thing we can all do is to get a med check-up at least once a year and a blood pressure check-up twice a year. By doing this we are doing a lot more than we realize.

Today, I visited the National Institute of Cardiology, the Heart Rehabilitation Unit and realized that the kilometers that I had swam in 2011 and 2012 as part of this campaign, have really helped to share the awareness and to take care of many people´s heart.

I will celebrate this Valentine´s Day by swimming for the heart of someone else.



Remembering my Father

Last Saturday I did my first 3 hours training towards 2013 Ederle Swim, next August.
I swam in one of my favorite places, Las Estacas, a very beautiful place about one hour from Mexico City.

My kids, Andrea and Lalo, as well as my mom came with me and on our way to Las Estacas, we were talking and planning our day. I told them that almost 2 years ago, a few days before my dad’s death, he and Lalo came with me to Las Estacas, and we recalled the incredible moments we spend that time and remembered that my dad loved this amazing place. That’s why we all dediced that spending the day at Las Estacas would be a great way to remember my dad and to think about how he spent his life loving and being kind to his family. Also, remembering all he did during his life as a doctor, transforming so many people´s lives and helping them in many ways.

I swam three hours, enjoying the river, the cold and crystal water, the acuatic plants and all the vegetation of this place. All the Green from around the river filled me up with energy on each stroke. I also recalled the wonderfull moments I spent with my dad in this place. His life was a plentiful one and eventhough he is no longer here with us, he left his loving memory so that we can love and take care of others the way he did.

I swam a lot of meters and kilometers in order to to have my reserve ready for Ederle Swim. I enjoyed swimming with Nora Toledano @NoraToledanoC and Carlos Komori and I wish they both achieve their swimming dreams they have for this year. I thank Ariadna Del Villar @DocdelDeporte, for her support. And I can assure you, that we all had a great time and my mom, Lalo, Andrea and I, remembered my father in a very special way.





I wore the medal on my neck!!

Today I got my certificate from the Swim across the Catalina Channel. When I looked at it my eyes filled with tears. How much effort, so many hours swimming in the dark, all the biting from the jellyfish, all those strokes to achieve this swim and 100 surgeries for kids with cleft lip and palate! After a little while I wore the medal on my neck!!



Supporting someone else…

Everyday there is something that pushes us down, makes us sad and makes us doubt about what we are doing. Sometimes we ask ourselves if it is worthwhile to continue in our way that requires us effort and work and even though our mind plays us and becomes our first enemy, I am convinced that in these moments of sadness, solitude, fear, pain and distress we should have the attitude of willingness to fight and carry on.

Several times we want to be strong to support other people but if we let ourselves be defeated each time we come across a difficulty or obstacle in the way, it will be very tough to support someone else and we are just going to be next to someone in his difficult time instead of giving him/her strength and support. Some people say that the true support is when someone takes the heat for oneself or when we take the place of the person living the situation to the fullest to endure his pain, suffering or distress to relieve the person and free him of this charge so heavy that weakens him. To be able to do this we need to be strong and have an attitude of steel.

Today I am convinced that I need to become stronger everyday so when it is necessary to carry the burden of someone, I will actually be able to be their support and carry the burden. With this idea in my head last Saturday I went out with my son, Lalo, to “Paso de Cortes” to run over 10k. We enjoyed the place a lot. It is incredible. Running between the “Iztccíhuatl” and “Popocatépetl” volcano is a gift from nature. We are lucky to be able to enjoy this place. Even though we ran we didn’t train, this was not a training, we strengthen ourselves to be stronger to support other people.

With this attitude we can continue defeating obstacles that come across each day and work like this to make our dreams come true and help others so that their dreams come true as well.




Happy New Year!

I wish your 2013 is full of blessings and a lot of dreams to make them happen!

I love the idea to start a year that for sure will bring a lot of surprises but today I thank that I start with health, with my family and with a great enthusiasm to carry out new projects that will bring benefits to others.

A lot of people have asked me what I will be swimming this year and I am so glad to share with you that I will be swimming the Ederle Swim. This is a swim to honor Gertrude Ederle, the first woman that swam the English Channel, she did this is 1926! I have been there and I recognize the effort and such a big accomplishment she did, breaking the boundaries of the school of thought of that time and the stereotypes and expectatios! When she swam the English Channel only 5 men had made it and her time was much better than all of them. But a few years later she became deaf. She was deaf most of her life and kept on fighting to not be discriminated or locked up. If today I had the opportunity to invite someone to swim with me I would invite her! I admire this woman, brave, avant-garde, committed, enthusiast and pioneer in open water swimming. This great woman died when she was 97 years old, November 30, 2003. This year it´s the 10th year since her death and I honor her memory by swimming the Ederle Swim August 18, to recall a great woman in the history of mankind.

The route of the Ederle Swim is from Battery Park, Manhattan to Sandy Hook, Connecticut, they are about 17.5 miles and each stroke will be a stroke to bring hope and love to all the people who have lost a close one in the tragic episode of Sandy Hook that made me really sad. Life goes on and while I am still alive I will do what I can to help change people’s lives that are in need. Through the project “Quiero Sonreir” (I want to smile) I have helped to change the lives of many children with cleft lip and palate, I hope through Ederle Swim I can continue to do it. My strokes to get more smiles!

0_0_540_425Gertrude Ederle Swimming English Channelgertrude-ederleimages-3IMG-20121023-WA004

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