The Magic of Water

The magic of water in my life… Watermarks

Many people have asked me the meaning of this phrase… and I would like to share here what the magic of water means in my life.

My first memories of life basically start in the water, I remember that my best childhood moments were in the water and it seems to me, water has being a constant thing in my life always.

I remember my first moments of physical effort were in the water, I learned to swim almost at the same time I learned to walk, and the chlorine smell of the pool in which I took my first swimming lessons still fills my head with images of water and smiles.

My first tests of life were also in the water, I could say that before I was aware of school exams, I was already participating in swimming competitions, and those experiences have become a watermark that has become part of  me for all of these years.

My most fun and joyful days have also being around water, the beauty that leaves me breathless and makes me feel very small in this universe is made out of water and is called the sea, the greatness of the ocean is the life I catch day by day, the water that flows until it gets to the sea reminds me that water must flow to bring its benefits to every place it passes by while following its path.

The most wonderful watermark of my life, which inspires me to live every day, is the love that overflows my heart and therefore fulfills me and flows like the water… my children.

My sport challenges have being in the water and have become a watermark in my life that demands so much from me, that takes me to a point in which I think I cannot go on and just when I get to the limit, when my physical capacity is at the point of failing, I think in so many watermarks that strengthen me and I go on, always one more stroke until I reach the other shore.



Some people say water strengthens and helps us gain trust in ourselves, by helping overcome our fears and it contributes to personal growth, I agree to all of these, therefore, swimming has always being a watermark for me… They say that you have to allow kids to be in touch with water, and in order to do so, if they learn how to swim it would be much better, because they shall have a watermark in their lives that shall help them gain trust in themselves, strength, security to overcome challenges, to take their fears away, and that shall give them vitality, the opportunity to dream and of course life itself! Would it be good to swim for adults? Of course! Furthermore!

If you do not how to swim and you want to learn, here are some tips:

  1. Before you learn how to swim, learn to feel the water.
  2. Before you make strokes and lots of kicking, float like the starfish, upside down, and backwards and enjoy.
  3. Before you realize it you shall be swimming and shall be able to share it with me.

I wish you every success! Enjoy the magic of the water