Watch your posture… Before, During and After Workout

Lately I have heard lots of people complaining about back-ache, some suffer from lower back pain, some from neck and upper back pain, even young people and kids suffer from this kind of pain.

I am surprised since a lot of people who suffer from back pain, workout continuously, and they still put up with this suffering that has become so frequent, I have thought a lot about it, this thought has being spinning around my mind. I got worried when my daughter told me she had a back-ache… from there I have being doing some research in anatomy and ballet books and of course I asked a Physician, friend of mine; and I have reached some conclusions I am sharing right here.

  1. Before thinking about starting a sport discipline or even If you are already a sportsperson, take conscience of your posture during the whole day. Sometimes we do not realize we are sitting or standing in the wrong position, and as the ballet dancers say, the first thing to become a Prima Ballerina is to start having good posture all day long.
  2. Good posture all day long! This means that even if we are on the car, as drivers or passengers, standing on line, walking from one place to another, sitting at the office, working on a computer, at school, or at a coffee or a having a meal, at the movies or wherever we are, it is important to take conscience of your posture… Watch it! What do we consider good posture? Upright Back, tight abdomen, relaxed shoulders and vertical relaxed neck.
  3. If little by little you improve your posture, your body shall have less tension and therefore the back pain shall reduce. Also if you get used to having a good posture, working out shall be easier since your body shall be used to it.
  4. It is very important to have a good posture and in the case of young people and kids, it is double important since the body is still developing and growing, For everyone else: adults, men and women it’s important to always have a good posture and maintain it during all day long.

Very soon you shall see benefits from a good posture and always with an extra… a smile, and you shall see that even your attitude  before difficult situations will improve with these simple details… posture and smile.