Evaluating the balance between investment and profit…

Some people say it is important to consider the amount of the investment to be able to determine the profit. I am not a business enterprising woman, even less when it comes to look for economic investments that can turn into money profits. However, all of my life I have considered that my personal finances, my job, my sport events, in the end all of my activities require, sort of speak, an investment, and sometimes afterwards they generate a profit.

What I can really say, speaking in sports and workout terms, is that in the last days I have being evaluating the balance and I have reached a conclusion that I share right here: Each sports event I have set myself as a goal, has required an important investment and in the end it has turned into a greater profit.

According to the above, I would like to think that in all of the sports events, workout or physical activity, there shall be an investment but in the end they also produce a profit.

For those of you who are encouraged to try out this formula the investment imply the following:

Discipline.- This word sometimes sounds like foreign and distant, it’s easier to say… “Time invested in workout”, this investment requires of about 45 minutes, 4 or 5 days a week of physical activity. The ideal for this investment in numerical terms is: 60 minutes times 7 days.

Constancy.- I love this word but sometimes it is hard to understand, it is about carrying out, for a continuous time, the investment you planned on the step before, going little by little, just like the interests in bank savings accounts, they generate very little profits however this prevents injuries and make our investment “uninterrupted and indefinite”.

Some people ask me what about vacations? As they say, Active rest!

Now! What about the profit? Be prepared, the profit is the best part! The balance of what I have gained at my sports events, my open water swims, swimming competitions, races, triathlons, water skiing activities, walks and even active rest, among others has turned into pure life!

I have gained adventures, enthusiasm, joy, friendship, complicity, moments of pain that turn into strength, self-confidence, sunrises, fun, wonderful landscapes, affection, emotions that enrich me as a human being, encounters, a silence that has fed my soul, thankful prayers, laughs, love, support, blessings and above all, I have gained so much life!

Cheers! Give it a try!