If you are halfway through….

Are you halfway through?

When we are halfway through, is a good thing to stop and see how we are doing…

For those of us who have achieved a goal, for those who are halfway through and also for those who are just starting, it is good to stop for a few moments and analyze how we are doing…

If you have already achieved your goal, celebrate it!

For those who have already accomplished a goal, like a sports event, or other, finishes college or likewise, celebrate!. Every step you had to take in order to accomplish your goal was a step of commitment, discipline and hard work and once the goal is reached, the satisfaction of accomplishing it becomes a reason to celebrate. There are no small or insignificant challenges, therefore celebrate your success!

If you have not reach the goal yet, and you are halfway through, stop for a while and verify how you are doing, this is the time to make any adjustments to be able to continue and return to your path. Sometimes at this stage we cannot see the finish line and we have already being in a long journey, we doubt and question if we should continue or not… in such case, do not give up, just stop for a moment again and visualize your objective, in such case, make the necessary adjustments to  carry on until you get to the finish line.

If you are just beginning and you think the start is tiring, stop, grab some air and see that even if it is a long journey, you can keep on going… Do not let the start overwhelm and stop you, on the contrary, prove yourself that each steps leads to the next one… and little by little the path to your goal shall be shorter; Cheers!

Ah! And before I forget… After you celebrate your success, set yourself another goal and start over!

I wish you every success!