Swimming during the storm…and enjoying it!

Someone said that joy is dancing in the middle of the storm… I don´t dance but I know how to swim, with joy and peace in my heart, in the middle of a storm!

Since Eduardo’s diagnose, from the first moments, followed by the surgery, his recovery, the radiation treatments and now the oncologic treatment, it seems we have lived in the middle of an uninterrupted storm. Sometimes it is hard to keep up faith during these complicated situations. It would seem as if faith could support itself and grow only when our path is clear, but faith is an indispensable ingredient so that life can go on and we can continue breathing in peace even when everything around us is complicated and difficult. At the beginning of this situation, my kids were very afraid, and fear usually paralyzes and takes away our will to carry on, to live with joy and to keep dreaming. But, with Eduardo’s courage and enthusiasm and with my desire to dance even in the middle of the storm, we have been able to help my kids to overcome their fear and keep on going.

A few days ago I read that kids and young people have the right to live with no fear …, that no one should threaten or scare them and much less make them suffer… I agree! However, in a situation like the one we are going through, we have to work very hard to scare fear away, to keep it from entering our family.

A few months ago when all this started, I thought my life in the water was over, however, thank God I have being able to keep swimming. There have been very hard times and though days but thanks to my coach Nora Toledano, my pacer and training teammates who cheer me on every day I’ve been swimming.

Today I celebrate many things, first that I have had the strength to get up and train every day even when I know it is going to be a very long and complicated day, but also, I and more important is that I have shared my swimming love with my kids Lalo and Andrea. This weekend we swam 6.5 kms El Reto in Acapulco, and I enjoyed so much swimming with them, that it has been one of the most special days of my life. Swimming with my children and watching Eduardo enjoying the swim from the escort boat, cheering and loving us was such a beautiful experience. We swam in the middle of a storm, loving each other, with our hearts full of joy and peace and knowing that each stroke of the swim was a stroke of love.
Eduardo, thanks for teaching us to swim during the storm, we love you!
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