The Path of the Warrior…


A few days ago, in an interview, they asked me if I thought I have enough strength to try to swim the project Seven Oceans. I remained silent and tried to answer, but my eyes became two inflated balloons and the only thing that I managed to do was to close them and kept silent before the imminent waterfall came cascading from each of them … I couldn’t answer.

Am I strong enough to swim?

Am I strong enough to live when life sometimes hurts?

Am I strong enough to be the mother of two teenagers whose father died just over two years ago?

Am I strong enough to live every day facing challenges that put me to the limit?

Am I strong enough to love?

I just kept silent…. I was so sad it seemed as if thinking on swimming brought to my mind so much pain I had been dealing with for the past two years. And then, after a few seconds, after feeling the pain and fear, I could finally answer the question… I just said:

“I don`t know, but there is one thing I’m sure: I’m finally aware that I cannot think that I’m prepared for everything that comes in life. Finally, I am being honest and feeling what hurts me, what saddens me, what distresses me and what is trying to take away my peace.  I believe that when I allow myself to feel everything that I have stored away and hidden in a box, when I walk through the path of pain, sadness and anguish, I am allowing myself to be complete and show myself as I am: a vulnerable woman. I am going to take the path of a brave warrior who knows glory and victory but who also must know defeat, sadness, fear and only then will he really know what strengthens him and what glory and victory feels like.  I’m going to take this path, being honest and brave, so that my children will learn to take that path too and come to truly feel. This way, and only through this path, will we be able to grow and we will do it together.”

“My future swims make me nervous because of their magnitude, the Tsugaru Strait, the Cook Strait, the North Channel, and hopefully much more swims to come, but I will prepare to swim them but also, to feel each one of them.”

Andrea and Lalo, let us take the path of the warrior together, brave as we have been, walking through pain, sadness, anguish and fear, to grow together and feel the splendor of love, joy and peace so we can enjoy fully, every moment of our lives.