Opening paths…

“Someone who opens a path, does not open it for himself,… paths and roads are opened, so that others can walk through it…”

 I was granted an award from Mont Blanc Mexico, the Mont Blanc Trophy to the Woman Who Opens Paths. This award is so important for me, though I have been thinking there are many Mexican women that I know who deserved this and many more awards, that I find it hard to believe that this trophy is in my house, however, when I see it, I smile and my heart turns over with excitement.

The women nominated in my category have all my respect and admiration and I am sure, that they, dream with their eyes open, as I do, defeating and defying obstacles everyday to make their dreams come true and this is how they have reached the top of their carriers, to them, Elisa Carrillo, Carmen Boullosa and Dayana Pimentel, all of my admiration.

I shall keep on opening paths… I wish those paths may inspire people to accomplish their dreams.

Thank you to Mont Blanc México for this motivation to continue working and for inspiring my stokes in the water to achieve more smiles through the project Quiero Sonreír.