Growing together…

A few days ago, when I heard this question, I kept on thinking of all the possible responses there are for it. From a physic point of view, it is very easy to measure growth in numbers or quantities; however, in order to measure personal growth, it seems to me the answer cannot be as mathematical.

If a person is measured by their physical aspect, the answer is easy, by making a few calculations we shall obtain a quick response: weight, height, and similar measurements that are just a parameter to compare, and in the end, the result shall be numeric and for some people, this figures might show their growth.

Another measurable aspect could be academic grades, or study degrees, or professional preparation, as well as results of sports trials, all of the above, likewise, can be measured with numbers and referenced values, but in the end, they shall probably show a numeric figure that turns out to be very weak or not reliable regarding true personal growth.

How can we possibly measure personal growth, then? Is there a reference value to measure personal growth without calculations or numeric figures?

I like to think so; let me share this with you, and in order to keep numbers around, from my personal point of view, there are five words or concepts that encourage real personal growth.

  1. Say you are sorry.- Nothing turns more vulnerable a human being than acknowledging their mistakes, and being capable of apologizing… these words help us to take a huge step to encourage personal growth, they help up reconstruct broken bridges, and break bitter and painful chains. The words “I´m sorry” will bring a smile to your heart.
  2. Say please.- Respect shall always be our ally to encourage personal growth; it is much more valuable to say this phrase than saying a lot of the words that form part of our vocabulary. The secret of respect is that it shows what is inside you.
  3. Say thanks.- Being generous allows you to smile and enjoy the most wonderful things around you, rumor has it, when you can smile it is because your heart has learnt to give love to others and you become a thankful person.
  4. Say I do not know, but I would like to learn.- Only extraordinary people can pronounce this phrase, and they are great and extraordinary because they are humble enough to accept their weakness, and enthusiastic enough to always want to learn new things.
  5. It is not mine, I can share it.- Sometimes human beings forget to share, we assume success, love, good fortune, joy, care and many other good things are meant to enjoy them personally o exclusively, let’s not fall for it, sharing allows us to grow, but to grow in a way that we can become so much more by becoming the strength to help other people to grow as well.

I have made a commitment to swim at sports events that have given me a great deal of growth as a sportswoman and as an open water swimmer, however, today I reaffirm my commitment to grow by being more humble, more respectful, more generous, by sharing more, and by apologizing, and this way I shall keep on accumulating kilometers in water but also I shall keep on constructing my personal growth which is what allows me to smile every day.

Would you try it too? This way, we will be growing together!