Which generation do you belong to?

Lately I have heard so many times the idea that we belong to a particular generation based on the year we were born. That is to say, it seems that certain conditions are given by the characteristics of the period we are born in, and that such conditions shall determine the way we are going to work, face our problems, relate, give results, even to react to certain circumstances, including sport situations.

There are people talking about baby boomers, generations x, y and even z; each one has special characteristics, however, I think I want to be a part of a generation that has different characteristics from all of the above, but that goes beyond regarding attitude and way of life.

A starting point generation, in which we acknowledge the value of freedom, but also the value of respect and discipline, in which we demand our best day by day, and this way we learn to give and to commit to ourselves to work hard; in which we visualize our goals and work to achieve them, and with this in mind, we set new goals and new ways to persist and make an effort to accomplish them. Also in an important way we  learn how to form a platform to support others to make their dreams come true.

I am convinced this starting point generation, is formed by, besides certain conditions, people who know how to work under pressure, know how to face changes, know that big achievements are reached with daily effort, that kilometers are built from centimeters crossed every day and that even in crisis situations, from any nature, know how to breath easily and keep their goals in sight. Lots of generations have passed and lots are yet to come and shall live different worlds from the wayImagen we live in, however, I want to belong to this generation of men and women that day by day do their best to go on and live a greatful life.

This starting point generation, is like a watermark that has taken me to swim many kilometers marking me for the rest of my life!