I wish every fall in my life, had being from a bike!

These last days, I have had the chance to follow, at least for a while, the emblematic Tour de France TV broadcast, which this edition celebrates 100 years to be carried out, since 1913. Further than its history and its situations related to the doping subject during the last years, I think it is an incredible sports event. Beyond, all the trouble the TDF has suffered, it is a fascinating trial that puts into a test lots of things, such as: teamwork, individual work, strength, entirety, training, recovery, courage, and even suffering, and always the beauty that comes with a bike ride.

I say it like this, because this is the way it is, “the beauty of a bike ride”; just yesterday I attended an event in which I had to ride a bike for a while, and even when my bike had being at the storage room for a few weeks, almost months, when I took it out an prepared it for the event, so many incredible moments spent on the bike, came to my mind such as training and riding at different events, this brought a huge smile to my face.

To boys and girls, to young people and adults, a bike ride becomes an incredible adventure and a very fun physical activity, besides it is a workout that can be shared with the family; some say, for kids, learning how to ride a bike is one of the huge steps of learning and growing. Where can we go for a bike ride? As everything in life you have to look for a place, and you shall see you’ll find it, maybe at a park, a weekly circuit, during the weekend, a few blocks from home, in the end don’t let the place stop you from enjoying a bike ride.

Yesterday, while riding my bike, I remembered every fall I have taken and remembered that once someone told me: regarding bicycles there are two types of person, the ones who had already fallen and the ones who are going to!, therefore, Cheers! But always remember to wear helmet, globes and kneepads when it is necessary. I think about it and repeat to myself: I wish every fall in my life, had being from a bike! What to do in case you fall? Clean up your scratches and continue on!

Have Fun!