Pan-American Colibri Swim May 2017

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”- Mother Theresa

I will be that stone that creates ripples in the water, along with 11 more swimmers….

Today, Mother Theresa’s words take on a special meaning in my life, because while it is true that walls and strongholds exist and surround us, we tear down those which can be torn down, but we are also capable of exceeding our limits  above and beyond those walls, borders and strongholds to move forward and inspire others to do the same.

This coming May 5th, I will be one of twelve swimmers, from five different countries, who will swim from Imperial Beach in the south of San Diego to Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, unifying all of our efforts to create more ripples in the water, and in doing so, sending a message that regardless of the borders  between countries, human beings have no limits. We will be swimming to rise funds for The Colibri Center for Human Rights, which is an organization that supports migrants who, on their journey seeking for a better life, get lost on the way.

Being part of the Pan-American Colibri Swim, provides me with that same opportunity of seeking to be better; to keep making strokes through life that impact the lives of many. My goal is that my strokes keep splashing many benefits onto others, and most importantly, that the ripples we create in the water, become waves of inspiration and motivation for all the young people in the world so that they may come to understand that among humans, there are no borders, there are no limits!

As a Mexican who also seeks opportunities to grow and move forward every day, my swim will be a way to honor all those who, attempting to fly like the colibrí (hummingbird), fell and were forever lost on the path. Each stroke I take on May 5th will be for them and their families.

Thank you Antonio Arguelles for inviting me to be a part of this event along with my fellow Mexican swimmers, René Martínez and Nora Toledano.

My gratitude to all the people that have contribute to make the Pan-American  Colibri Swim possible.

Pan-American Colibri Swim  May 2017 Team

Swimmers: Melissa King U.S.A., Ryan Nelson U.S.A, Dan Simonelli U.S.A., Ben Enosh U.S.A., Kimberly Chambers New Zeland, Jean Craven South Africa, Neil Macaskill South Africa, Oded Rahav Israel, Nora Toledano Mexico, René Martínez Mexico, Antonio Argüelles Mexico & Mariel Hawley Mexico

Kayakers U.S.A.: Kala Sherman, Tom Hecker, William Patrick Carlson, Kevin Eslinger

Boat: John Koett

Out of the Boat Kayakers Mexico: Anna López, Erika Rosquillas, Carlo Rosa, Jaime Rosquillas, Joaquín Talavera

Support: Pablo Argüelles, Charl Rodich, Steven Munatones, Nicolenne Steynberg, Kamini Moodley, Rafa Alvarez, Brett Hillyard

Colibri Center for Human Rights: Chelsea Halstead

Sting, Thank you!