Prepare your bag… Just with the necessary stuff!

A long preparation period comes to an end so that finally the big day arrives!

I am sure lots of days have passed, maybe even months and time has gone by forcefully since the expected day has arrived and it is the time to put into a test all your training, hard work, effort, constancy and discipline that have prepared your body and your mind to get into action.

The sport event you´re participating, shall be the moment you shall finally cash out your training bonus, and you are just a few days or hours away… I have being in your “shoes” and I am sure that a thousand images of your preparation go through your head, but you also I´m sure you are thinking about what is coming, the enthusiasm the excitement of knowing how lucky you are to be able to participate in such an expected event and finally, the day has come!

It is the moment to prepare your bag and have all your equipment ready. I am sure that, in your mind, you have a list of things you are going to need and have a plan on how and when to pack your stuff in your bag but if you have not done it yet, it’s a good idea to write down the list and start working on preparing everything… Something I have learnt along the thousands of kilometers I have swum during my life is that preparing your bag is a very special moment!

Do not forget to put in, at a very special place all the hours of hard work, effort, and discipline and all the desire you putted into it… all your training and preparation relies in your confidence… Get there confident, knowing you have what you need in your bag, to get to the finish line.

Inside another space of your bag, put in the support and love of all the people that were beside you during your preparation…Family, friends, coach, support team, etc… Their love and support shall keep you taking steps forward, even when you feel you can´t go on any more…

Do not put into your bag stuff you won’t need, because it shall only add extra weight and become a ballast, and you shall have to carry unnecessary weight… do not put in fear, or anguish, much less doubt, and throw those into the trash!

And at a big space inside your bag put in a big doses of passion… it is the ingredient that impulses step by step and that makes you a winner, even when the road gets tough, it is like a magic potion that makes you strong and cheer you on to give more than your 100%, it is what takes you to the finish line with your heart beating to its maximum effort and with a huge smile on your face.

Enjoy preparing your bag and remember that the one who has to carry it and use what is inside of it is you!

Lots of success!