For those who have already started…

For those who have already started… Spread your enthusiasm!

They say the hardest thing is to start something, but they also say the begging of a path is the most important step.

To decide to make an important change in your personal life, such as starting an active life with constant and disciplined work out, might sound like a hard thing to do and for a lot of people the most complicated part is to start, but for those who have already encouraged themselves to take that first step, the next one becomes much easier, that second step comes along with many more steps…

What do I mean by this? Precisely that once you have decided to start working out, the idea is to carry on, and that everyday you convince yourself the choice you made represents an important benefit for you, but in case you can, you should also share that important benefit with the people around you, you can make your enthusiasm become contagious. If you can spread your enthusiasm to your family, friends and/or coworkers, your steps shall be easier.

Enjoying a race, walk or workout routine, a swim a bike ride, or any other physical activity that you like, is a personal benefit, but sharing it with someone else becomes an incredible activity!

You should share and spread your enthusiasm little by little, the last thing we want is for others to feel we are imposing, it seems to me the easiest way to do it is just by spreading… I mean, without doing anything else, when they look at your smile, your joy, and good humor, and the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal, this is the beginning of the spread and the rest shall just follow.

In the mean while, continue on with your enthusiasm, work and discipline, achieve  the goals you have set yourself and as soon as you have accomplished them set yourself new goals, always dreaming with your eyes open, to overcome day by day obstacles  and make your dreams come true.