During summer days …stay hydrated!


The meaning of water in my life is incredible!

It seems to me that water has a special meaning in the life of every person, animal, and plant, mainly in the life of every living thing, there is no doubt about that, and I just love the idea that water is life, of course it is, water is life!

In these hot days I have heard that we have to drink lots of water, mostly if we are working out. Drinking water helps us stay hydrated, not only if we are working out, though in such case it is more important, but even if we are not working out, drinking water during the day has so many advantages, the first and most important it keeps us hydrated and it has no calories. I am trying to avoid consuming extra calories that my body does not need, and as I have said before when I feel hungry I drink two glasses of water, I have also said that the feeling of hunger can sometimes be confused with the feeling of thirst, but in these hot days, mostly when I am swimming hard every day, I try to drink enough water during the day.

The Ederle Swim is just a few weeks away, it is an emblematic swim that shall be celebrated on August 18th, to remember and honor the first woman who swam a cross the English Channel, Gertrude Ederle. The approximate distance of the swim is 18 miles, starting from the south point of Manhattan Island, Battery Parke to a small town in New Jersey called Sandy Hook. I have being training a lot of kilometers and I have been very conscious about my eating and hydrating habits. During my workout I drink water and a no sugar electrolyte drink, and during the rest of the day I drink enough water. Today I am convinced that an essential part of my training is hydration. I will need enough water for my swim!

In my life, I can say I that practically I live in the water, I live of water, and therefore, water gives me life and it is life itself!


Take care and stay well hydrated…