Savings account and health….

How is your savings account?

Five reasons to fill your savings account… With health!

After a few days of rest,  I have to start over… sometimes starting again after a few days of rest is hard, and the day by day routine gets complicated, but I am convinced on the importance of filling my health´s account!

 What does filling my health account means? Very simple, they say physical activity and workout out are the best ways to save health for the years to come. However, If I want to have a savings account full of money, so that I can spend it whenever I need it, I shall have to save money every day. The same thing happens with work out; so if I want my health´s account full I need to save a little day by day and the only way to produce such savings is by working out every single day.

Five reasons to fill my savings account with good health through work out and exercise are the following:

  1. Without giving it that much thought, exercise makes me feel very good. Exercise maintains my body in good shape and functioning adequately. This contributes to my good health.
  2. Exercise or physical activity produce a state of well being that lasts during the day and helps me reduce tension and anguish. Additionally, and most importantly, exercise contributes, in an important way, to produce self confidence or security and puts a big smile in my face, this way it contributes to my wellness and happiness.
  3. Exercise allows me to share sports activities I practice with some friends; it is very common and frequent for people sharing sports or physical activity routines to become good friends. In my case, swimming has brought close friends that I care a lot for and with whom I share incredible moments.
  4. Exercise maintains my appetite and, as I have said before, a hungry human being is a healthy human being. Additionally, when I am exercising I watch what I eat and this makes my savings account to produce additional interests.
  5. Exercise helps me sleep well. This is a relevant factor since as we age, it is very common to get insomnia, however, exercise allows you to sleep well and get the necessary rest for new day.

These are just 5 reasons but they bring lots of life with them. There is no fountain of eternal youth but there is the possibility of filling a health savings accounts that we can use in the future.


Save health and enjoy it all the way…

Let your health savings account overflow day after day, so that it allows you to carry on with a life always in motion!