The magic of stars… I close my eyes and my heart says Thanks!

Things no longer exist but I can still see…

A few days ago I couldn’t sleep, I had my mind full with things I still had to do and things that worried me, the more I tried to stay calm to get some sleep the less I got it, this made me feel more anguished, because I knew the next day was complicated with lots of work and full of activities related to this time of the year …

I got out of bed and walked towards the kitchen to make myself some tea… through the kitchen window I saw a starry sky and went outside to sit on a small terrace… I sat on a bench and when I lifted my head to the sky, my eyes filled with stars!

So much time, so much distance, in fact light years… so much existence and there they were, all the stars on the universe shinning just for me!

On that exact moment I remembered an explanation that says the stars we see today ceased to exist a long time ago… And these things that have not existed for a number of years my brain can not even register, turn out to be visible today. How lucky am I! Things no longer exist, yet I can not only see them but also enjoy them.

In this fast and emergent world, we have become the kind of persons who do not even see what exists right in front of us… that same night, when I realized this, my heart ached thinking this happens to me and sometimes I find out its me who does not see the things in front of me. I closed my eyes and with the shine of all the stars inside of my mind, I committed myself to really look at the things in front of me, not only with my eyes but with my heart as well.

As the fox, the character in the Little Prince says… “the essential things are invisible to the eye, and can only be seen with the heart”…, this is the way I want to look at my life, with the heart… I want to see the shine of the stars every day of my life and I want those stars that today exist be reflected inside my eyes guiding my way.

I went back to bed and with my eyes closed and the stars in my mind, I thanked with my heart and only then I was able to go back to sleep.

As the words from centuries ago say… “when the cocoon finishes thanking, only then, it turns into the butterfly”!