Swim Across the Sound

My name is Mariel. I love swimming and I have swum many kilometers, through out my life. I can say, I have swum thousands of kilometers and all this swimming has made me strong. I have swan across winds and storms, across waves and banks of jellyfish, across rivers and lakes, across The English Channel and the Catalina Channel and today, all those kilometers seem to be specially swum just to make me strong enough to SWIM Across the Sound…
Today I want my strength to become an instrument of support for many people through their battle against cancer. Seems that all these swims have make me strong just for being able to swim this special event and to support many people, that like my husband, are battling against cancer.
“Even when you have being knocked over by a huge wave, called cancer, we are together in the middle of this wave, and little by little, we shall go through this moment.By swimming the Swim Across the Sound, I´ll be on your side supporting you and loving you.”

I know there are many dreams you have that you wish to make true… I know you can work, little by little every day, to make those dreams come true. I cannot make your dreams come true, nor can I reach your goals, but I have spent many years of my life getting my mind and my body strong, my shoulders have swam thousands of kilometers in the water and today, they are strong, and from now on, and for as long as you need them, my shoulders shall become your support. With my support, your strong will, your courage, I will help you to reach your dreams.
With all my will and all of my love for you Eduardo.

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