Dreams you wish to make true…

For these last days of the year, start designing your future dreams…

The last days of the year… we remember what we have lived this year, our goals set for this cycle… The dreams and challenges; when this time of the year arrives we think: This year went by so fast!

What happened to those dreams you were supposed to reach this year? The year is nearly over and if you were able to achieve them, celebrate, but if you did not, you shall have to plan them again, or think of a new strategy that helps you reach them.

Dream now about next year… Today write down your goals, start working on your challenges and objectives, start working on your dreams from this moment to make them come true…

What does work on your dreams really means?

It means you visualize them and start planning a way to make them come true… Be very specific on planning and visualizing. Just as kids plan each detail of their games and adventures and color their world in a very special way, it is important that each one of us color and design our own dreams and desires. Someone says if you want to know where you will be or what you shall be doing in 5 years, you have to listen to what you say and plan today… I mean, besides coloring and sharing your dreams, fill yourself with passion for achieving your goals and built step by step, your way to reach them.

If this year was hard, remember dawn brings along the promise of having 24 hours to live again, so do not give up, on the contrary, renew your energy allow the morning light to light you up with thousands of colors to cheer you up and design dreams full of color.

I wish you thousands of days full of color, making all your dreams come true, step by step until you reach them!