For those who want to start….

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. When we do not know how to do something we think to start or to learn might be complicated, and at times there are people who would rather not give it a try, as they say…  “It’s not worth the shot!”

However, taking that first step, even with some fear, doubt or worry, encourages and fills us with confidence on taking the second and third steps and to continue on taking many more. This is what happens when we encourage ourselves to take the first step on doing exercise or workout after a life, or a long time of being sedentary… I remember almost 13 years ago, when I returned to swimming, after leaving it for a while, convincing myself on taking the first stoke took a lot of effort, and today, that first stoke, becomes the most important one of my swimming career.

Here are some tips for those who are encouraging themselves to start:

 1.- Don’t hesitate, doubt harms too much, encourage yourself to take a walk or a run for a few minutes, then take a walk for a few more, and alternate, starting bit by bit and smooth, enjoying every step you take.

 2. – If you have already taken the first step, take the second one!

 3. – If during the same week you can accomplish three days of workout, even if it is walking, running, going up and down the stairs, jumping a rope for a while or anything like it, you have given a great first step, if you keep it up for a month it will become a part of your daily routine, and you’ll see how every day you’ll feel better and willing to continue and follow that path.

I started one day, at a small pool, and by the third day, felt like a seal circling in a pond, but happy to have started… My stokes in the water have become strokes of strength, commitment and success; this is what I wish for your steps, to become a part of a large path of success!


Courage for your first step, take it and enjoy what will come…

Best wishes,