Do not Carry Overload… Let It Go!

Little by little, as we grow, we realize, that carrying overload is useless, it weakens and stops us, in spite of the above, sometimes we hang on to that overload we cannot let go.

I have thought that even athletes go through some stages in their physical preparation that require to have such overload to reach their optimal training point, but once they reach that point, the load reduces and the athlete is ready for his or her best performance.

What happens to athletes also happens to us in different life situations, in which for some reason, we have a problem, a burden, a difficult time, an unfinished challenge, and so on, and those circumstances leave us with a mark or print that in time turns into an extra load we carry on. Each day that passes by, that load turns heavier than the day before. And while we still carry that extra weight that weakens and stops us, our goals become further and harder. We have all gone through something like this, and before you take another step ahead, you need to let go that load as soon as possible and then continue on.

I swim lightly, with my swimsuit, my swimming cap and goggles and without that overload that turns into ballast and would stop me from taking more stokes until I reach the next shore. My stokes in the water must be stokes of strength, trust and love, so that they can turn into benefits for others.

Follow your path without carrying ballast that slow you down and stop you from making your dreams come true… Enjoy the path and every step of it. That is the way I do it, I enjoy from the first moment, each stoke until I reach the other shore.