Your weakness can show your greatest strength

Do not let a slip become a fear.

Do not let a fall become a failure.

Do not let a difficulty become a frightening situation.

Do not let your weaknesses become obstacles.

Do not let your youth stop you from believing in yourself.

Do not let age keep you from living.

For the last few days I have being listening to a lot of people complaining about different situations they have gone through in different stages of their lives. Some of them complain their slips have left them full of doubt, they’d rather avoid taking any risks to give the next steps … Some others have complained saying they shall not give it a try again since they consider their fall a failure and won’t give themselves a second chance.

I have heard lots of young people afraid of facing life because of the difficulties they shall find along the way… these young people rather stop dreaming than imagining they can get to the moon in a rocket built by themselves, because difficulties leave them full of fear.

Some others complain because of their defects and weaknesses… as if the rest were perfect! And instead of working on them to get stronger and create opportunity areas, they see those flaws as impossible obstacles to overcome.

Young people who do not believe in themselves… They do not believe in themselves because they are not used to work hard enough to achieve their goals and as a consequence there is no strength inside of them.

I have heard lots  of  adults saying because of their age they should no longer live… complaining because at their age they have no longer the right to grow…

It makes me very sad… and facing this situation, to each and every one of the people I have heard, I have responded the same thing… Do not allow yourself not to live!

Learn from yourself, do not give up, realize your weakness can show your greatest strength, let your slips fill you with energy and make you strong and let your falls prepare your next challenge, let your youth be a starting point to achieve a dream that seems unreachable and let your years be full of live, every day, every minute and every second!