The English Channel from above

I perfectly saw the English coast in front of the French portion of land known as Cap Gris Nez and in the middle a strip of water shining as a mirror under the morning sunrise. I could not stop staring; I was absorbed, captivated, almost hypnotized. The stewardess approached me offering a cup coffee. When she noticed that I did not answer, she touched my shoulder and asked: “Are you feeling all right?” Did I feel all right? Can someone who has been dreaming about something for the last year feel all right? Considering that such dream suddenly appears before you eyes, so tangible, so real, almost like magic. Of course not! I did not feel all right; I felt outside myself, there were a lot of expectations towards that strip of water. For the last 10 months I thought of the English Channel on a daily basis, and, in that moment, I had it before my eyes.

For a moment, the English Channel “intentionally” posed for me, I was able to contemplate it, analyze it, examine it. It introduced itself with its best face, full of sunrays reflecting on the water. Seemed like it did not want to hide anything; it was simply there, posing for me, letting me appreciate it as a whole from up above.

With this image imprinted in my mind, I got off the airplane.