So, what happens when you start to exercise continuously?

So, what happens when you start to exercise and/or work out continuously?

It changes your life, just like it, it changes your life!

The scientific answer to this question is in thousands of books and essays about the health benefits of working out, but beyond such scientific response, I can assure you, you shall gain a very positive change in your life when you incorporate exercise to your daily routine.

What happens?

Something very real, every day you exercise you become more excited to work out next day, you look forward to working out and this way you start building a chain, a strong chain you do not want to break. By exercising today you gain health for tomorrow.

It becomes exciting to know that next day you shall have the opportunity again to prove yourself you can do it. Even when it sounds like a publicity add, it is true, on one hand exercise engages you and on the other, it dares you to prove yourself you can do it.

Watch out for the trick… ready? Working out constantly does not imply we shall be faster or stronger, nor that each day we shall train better; not at all, that comes with time, but today is the best day to start, and above all, to continue… so that little by little you can achieve certain goals. Letting your workout routine become a part of your life, turns you into a disciplined person, but remember, discipline without creativity bores quickly, this is why I insist on being creative while training, and when you finish your routine, after overcoming boredom and/or fatigue, surely you won’t be faster or stronger than the day before, but you have become mentally stronger and therefore, you have succeeded!

In my case, every month I do a swimming training  that consists on a continuous one hour swimming at an Olympic size pool (50 meters). The whole idea of this training is to swim more meters every month, however, the first few months I did this training, sometimes I even swam less meters than the previous month. In these occasions I was very disappointed; however I realized that just by accomplishing this training I was defeating myself.

Overcoming adversity that might appear along the way and going forward, changes our lives. We shall become better persons, with that special strength that comes from the depths within each one of us, and with that passion that helps us take the next step, the next stroke, we train every day; and this helps us accomplish our goals.

How does it feel to achieve a goal? I am sure you know it, and if you are not there yet, when you reach it, you shall be very lucky and much more than a winner!