The magic of Life!

The magic of Life!

Is there magic in life?

A few years ago I heard someone ask this question to a TV host, in connection to a sun eclipse… an eclipse that covered Mexico City with darkness in plain daylight… I remember very well stepping out of the office at noon just to be able to enjoy the eclipse outside and the way the sky got darker and the temperature started to drop, even the air smelled different, it felt like dawn, … in a few minutes sunlight disappeared behind the moon and in the middle of the day, it became night! This night lasted very little, the shortest night of my life and a few minutes later sunrise came along, for the second time in one day!

For those of us who lived this eclipse, I am sure it has being one of the most special days of our lives, however, a few hours later, while listening to the news about the eclipse, the question shocked me, …. “is there magic in life?”

Is there?

I see life with all the magic of the universe every day, each sun rise, every starry night, the rainbow, the eclipse itself, and every smile shows me the wonderful magic that makes every day special. Even during hard times and difficult moments, I think theses moments, makes us much more conscious of the situations, persons and things around us.

A few days ago, I read that the word crisis in China is written with two characters, one for the word “danger” and or “awareness” and another character for the word “opportunity”… -I like it!

I think it is like that, precisely in each and every moment we have to be careful enough to be able to see the moment of opportunity… the moment of magic.

A few weeks ago, I revived the excitement I felt with the sun eclipse, with another eclipse! The moon eclipse that turned the moon red… and again, I thought of the magic of life that alerts me to search opportunities and the best of every single moment.

I´m sure, that even today, with all of the technological improvements there are, wise men, those that keep in their hearts words of wisdom and trust in God more than in science and technology, live their lives enjoying the magic of life.

This is the way I want to live my days, living intensively every moment, seeking great opportunities, enjoying the greatness of God every day of my life and therefore, enjoying the magic of life!