Have you set yourself a goal or challenge yet?

If you already have a sports goal you already have a clear picture of where you are heading, surely you’ve got an action plan to achieve your challenge.

If you do not have a goal yet, let me tell you something…, if you do not have a challenge that guides your workout and your effort to a specific purpose or target, it becomes very difficult to stay motivated and keep up training or working out or practicing a sport.

Have courage, and with enthusiasm, establish yourself a goal and work to achieve it!

I am giving you a formula that contains the most important ingredients to establish a goal, and to achieve it successfully… ready?

Make your goal a BIG one; I mean a goal that may appear to be unreachable, extraordinary, and uncommon, that you see it far away. This means a very big and important challenge for you.

This is a basic ingredient to keep moving your motivation towards your goal. If your target is small and easy to achieve or reach, it will turn into something that will make you easily loose motivation, since with a little effort you will reach your challenge; otherwise, if you have a great challenge, this will trigger your creativity and motivation in order to keep focused on working very hard day by day, in order to achieve the goal.

The other ingredient, which is as important as to set a BIG goal, is that you become aware of the amount of effort you will need to achieve your great challenge. The effort and work you will need to achieve your goal will be proportional to the importance of your goal or challenge. Therefore, keep in mind that for a GREAT goal or challenge you will need EXTRAORDINARY effort and work.

Remember, your effort and hard work will lead you to your goal. There are some people who think that achieving a goal requires a mid size effort, a little workout every now and then and some dedication, I can tell you, it requires a huge extra dosage of hard work and dedication on an every day basis.

However, I can also tell you that your everyday maximum effort, will one day lead you to achieve your goal, and to achieve it with a very big smile.

My wish for you is that you dream big and you do it with your eyes wide open, the way I dream, with my eyes open in order to overcome and defeat every day’s obstacles, working-out and training very hard, to make my dreams come true.

 Best wishes,